Looking East from Crow Flies High ButteUntitled: Dust Storm Near Cemetery Rd. and HWY 23Untitled: Truck on the HorizonHouse on HWY 23Untitled: Statue New Town, NDUntitled: MancampUntitled:Cenex on Main St./HWY 23Finsted School HouseMinot Junction: HWY 23Untitled: Mouth of the Four Bears BridgeUntitled: Storm ApproachingUntitled: Prefabricated Home on RoadsideUntitled: Finstad Property Untitled: Structures on the HorizonSense of Place Artist TalkInstallation Shot: Tufts University Art GalleryInstallation Shot: Tufts University Art GalleryInstallation Shot: Tufts University Art GalleryEggs for Donuts: Kickstarter PromoExcerpt Chapter 1: Sense of PlaceExcerpt: Eggs for DonutsUntitled: Shooting in NDDanforth FlyerNew Town News Article
Sense of Place:Transitional Landscapes from the Evolving Plains
In 1953 three small towns were flooded in NW North Dakota as a result of the Garrison Damn Project. The people of these three towns were relocated to a new site now known as New Town, North Dakota. A family connection to the flooding led to the start of this photographic series, as did the Bakken oil boom, which continues to transform the land. With both interests in mind Sense of Place addresses the complex story of this altered landscape and studies the connections we as individuals make to history and heritage.

(this work is in conversation with my documentary film piece Eggs for Donuts, which has shown under the same title)